Technical mentorship for your MSP

Technical mentorship for your MSP

For your MSP

Which MSP Are You?


Owner is engineer, manager and sales person

Typical Concerns:
High customer churn
Difficulty on boarding customers
Limited cash flow
Issues with product packaging
Team under time pressure
Low customer security

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Frictionless customer on boarding
Enabling revenue growth
Discovering new products or services to offer
Improve team management
Educate customers about security
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Support & Maintenance

Owner is manager and sales person

Typical Issues:
Low customer retention
Increasing Complaints
Projects running over budget
Stale product stack
Increasing team churn
Concerned about customers security

Improve Customer Experience
Develop quality controls
Better project pre-sales & management
Expanding the solutions portfolio
Improve team efficiency
Reduce customers security risk
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Remote Desktop Services

Owner is delegating more and more

Typical Challenges:
Missed customer retention targets
Ineffective Complaints process
Cumbersome pre-sales for projects
No new products or services to offer
Difficulty attracting new staff
Soft customer & MSP security

Drive Customer Satisfaction
Implement "continuous improvement" systems
Improve profitability control policies
Continuous stack refresh
Efficiently scale team
Reduce diversity of customer environments
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